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Assembling a Simple Major Pack

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Getting instruments cleaned, sterilized, and organized is crucial in any veterinary hospital. Learn from Bobbie Lucas, Surgery Technician Assistant, about the correct way to assemble a simple major pack.
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Bobbie Lucas

Enrolled: 07/2017

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Jennifer Doucette's picture

Thank you for this video! Love that the major packs at Dove are wrapped on the mayo stand tray.

Bobbie Lucas's picture

Hello, great question! We use 10" by 13" trays for our Major surgery packs.

Nicole Robertson's picture

Thank you for this video! What else do you include in your surgery binder along with what was mentioned in the video? I would love to create something similar for our hospital as we get lots of new assistants and technicians that we train and it would be great refresher for our established staff.

Holly Hayes's picture

Hi Nicole,

Thank you for your question! My name is Holly and I am the Client Engagement Specialist with atdove. I shared your question with one of our Surgery Technician Assistants here at Dove and have posted their response below.

"Our surgery binder is an instrument and care guide that is kind of a 'how to' as far as instruments go. It describes cleaning protocols for everything from metal instruments to drills and saws with everything in between. It also tells the differences between the different types of packaging we use, the different applications for them, and proper wrapping techniques. We also go into instrument sterilization and proper care for our autoclaves and gas sterilizer. The bulk of the binder is an in-depth instrument inventory and how to put together each type of pack for the hospital. "

If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to me directly at