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Basic Physical Exam Feline

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Sarah Tauber, DVM, demonstrates how to perform a basic physical exam on a cat.

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Sarah Tauber


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Dorothy Schuld-Johnson's picture

The hospital that I work for does not allow cat scruffing. I know that Megan was mostly massage scruffing, but I won't be able to recommend this video for our staff. Is your hospital becoming certified as a cat friendly practice by AAFP?

Megan Brashear's picture

Dorothy, I must admit that I didn't know too much about the AAFP but I was at the NAVTA conference this past weekend where a GREAT feline doctor gave a fantastic lecture about AAFP and their guidelines. I think DoveLewis does a really good job with our feline restraint, especially for the situations we find ourselves in with the stress and time constraints but we can always do more and get better. I am now looking into some resources to help up move in that direction. Thanks for your timely comment!

Richard Glassberg's picture

FWIW...We look in every ear, every visit with an otoscope. Pick up a lot of otitis we would have missed with a cursory look without the otoscopic exam.'s picture

I would really appreciate watching video that is not edited. It makes me think that the animal has done something “off script” and has had to be controlled again and set up for the video again. To me this would be so good to see, it’s the reality of dealing with animals and I want to learn from the best.

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Hi there,

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