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Blood Glucose via Ear Stick

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Lee Herold, DVM, DACVECC, reviews blood glucose sampling using the ear stick method. This is beneficial for glucose curves in the hospital and for teaching owners to monitor their pet’s glucose levels at home.

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Lee Herold


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Diane Barrett's picture

That was a great, informative video. I'd also like to add that you had a great, cute patient! :)

janns duncan's picture

Very informative on what I could be restraining a patient for . Very patient kitty.

janns duncan's picture

Very informative on what I could be restraining a patient for . Very patient kitty.

Ashley McNally's picture

What are your thoughts on obtaining your sample from the outside of the ear vs.the inside? There's been some debate amongst my colleges on whether or not the inner flap is better than the outer.

Lee Herold's picture

I feel the inner and outer marginal veins are equally effective for sampling and have used both. I used the inner margin for this patient because it was just easier to see/less haired. The truth is that if you or your client are doing this repeatedly to curve the patient, you'll probably end up using both sides and will need to switch ears also. For clients with diabetic pets, I try to emphasize whatever method is easiest for them to achieve- some cats don't like the sensation of having their pinnae bent back to access the inner vein so the outer marginal vein becomes easier.

Rachel McAuley's picture

I also think it can be helpful to use a flashlight...if you shine it on the underside of the ear, the vein lights right up.

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