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Blood Smear Preparation

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Megan Brashear, CVT, VTS (ECC), demonstrates how to make a blood smear.

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Megan Brashear


Enrolled: 07/2011

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Janine Fales's picture

Hi, Megan,
A couple of comments - it would be beneficial if you showed a close-up of the finished slide so that viewers could appreciate what you describe. Secondly, the PCV of the patient does influence the angle at which you hold the upper slide for a good smear. So the quiz question is not fully correct. Thanks!

Marie Wolfe's picture

Megan, You make it look to easy. I keep having trouble sliding the slide across in an even motion. Thank you!

Amber Richmond's picture

This could be edited to show a slow rocking of the tube in your hand to mix it, unlike what is shown right before the rocking of the tube is talked about. Otherwise this is a great video and I show it for blood films to my VA students.

Rachel Medo's picture

Hi Amber,

My name is Rachel and I'm the Content Manager for Thanks for your feedback!

We can definitely add in an example of mixing the tube in a slower manner. I'll work with our team at DoveLewis to get it updated!