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Brachycephalic Patients in Clinical Practice

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Brachycephalics are some of the most popular breeds, so it’s important to recognize the risks that they face in a veterinary hospital. Becky Smith, CVT, VTS (Clinical Practice- Canine/Feline) reviews common concerns, handling tips, and anesthesia considerations for taking the best care of brachycephalics in your clinic.

This talk is specifically RACE-approved for 1 Technician CE credit.
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Becky Smith


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Wonderful presentation! Very enjoyable and educational! Would love to see more lectures from Becky!

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Loved this presentation, would like to see Becky in more lectures

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Hi Brittany,

My name is Holly, I am the Client Engagement Specialist with I'm happy to help answer this question for you.

After you have watched the video, click on the orange button with the white pencil in it. This will direct you to the quiz for this video. Once you complete the quiz, with a passing score, you will receive a certificate for the CE from this video. All of your earned certificates will be stored in the "Certificates" page, which you can find by hovering over your name in the top right corner and selecting "Certificates" from the drop down menu.

Please feel free to email me directly at if you have any further questions.

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Wow, I knew these guys had health issues, but I never knew how bad they were! They are also used in movies to, and recently there is a video game that is using a pug as a voice actor.