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Canine Bandage Change

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Surgeon Andrea Sundholm, DVM, DACVS-SA reviews how to remove and replace a bandage on a dog after surgery.

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Andrea Sundholm Tepper

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Do you usually wrap the joint (hock) or is it also appropriate to leave the joint exposed and wrap above? Do you use stirrups at all?'s picture

Thanks for the question Christina! I personally find it easiest to wrap continuously from the foot to above the hock joint. If you have a reason to wrap only close to the stifle for example, it's very challenging to keep the bandages up on the limb without starting down at the foot. I haven't left the hock joint exposed with bandage below and above it - I think I would be worried about swelling, abnormal pressure points and increased mobility.

Yes, I use stirrups! Especially helpful for keeping up bandages that need to go far up on the limb (such as up to the flank or axillary regions). Hopefully that helps!