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Canine Vaccines

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Becky Smith, CVT, VTS (Clinical Practice), from Rose City Veterinary Hospital explains the AAHA recommendations for core and non-core vaccines in dogs. Initial puppy vaccines and the adult booster schedule is discussed.

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Becky Smith


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Heidy  Altez Zuazo's picture

This is really helpful. I would like to know when is recommended to start lepto vaccine? And if a puppy younger than 8 weeks came to the practice. Should be vaccinate? or wait until 8 weeks?

Megan Brashear's picture

Heidy, the AAHA vaccine guidelines recommend starting the Lepto vaccine no earlier than 12 weeks of age and then boostering 3 weeks later. The age that puppies start their vaccines isn't as important as that puppy getting his final round of boosters at or after 15 weeks of age. So if a 6-week-old puppy gets his first round of vaccines, he should get 3 rounds of boosters after that. Personally I wouldn't ask someone to wait on vaccines or you may be liable if that puppy contracts parvo (which can still happen with vaccines but at least you didn't tell them not to get the vaccine for two more weeks). Glad this video was helpful, there is so much info to learn with vaccines!

Julia Cervantes's picture

I just want to point out that 'bordetella' is spelled incorrectly in the quiz.

Beth Ann Fretz's picture

Thank you for letting us know, Julia! This spelling error has been corrected.