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Client Communications and Triage

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Megan Brashear, CVT, VTS(ECC), explains the importance of gaining owner trust during the triage process. By remembering to communicate with the client, technician value can be established and owner comfort increased while they wait to see a veterinarian.

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Megan Brashear


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Lisa Adza's picture

This is such a great and simple example of how to communicate and break down what is happening for the owners. Often times all the owners see, is that you are petting their animal and they have no concept or perception that the technician is actually doing a medical assessment of the patient and compiling a whole array of knowledge, info and even history in just a few brief moments. So good Megan. So Good. :)

Christine Merceruio's picture

That is all well and good for an ideal situation. However, for an aggressive dog or an immediate emergency things play out differently.

Megan Brashear's picture

Very true Christine, our communication changes quickly for true critical emergencies, but it is still important to try and build trust with that owner in the few seconds you have. Instead of grabbing their pet and running to the back, make eye contact and explain what you can "I think we need to start..."

With aggressive animals I still take the time to talk with the owner a bit hoping their pet will relax, offer to take them all into a quiet exam room, etc. Sometimes owners of aggressive pets are aware, sometimes they think the medical staff is the cause of all evil, and it's my job to do what I can to make them all comfortable. And then just hope for the ideal triage every time!

Lisa  Penn's picture

Client Communication is such an essential part of patient care. This video put some of my nerves at ease. I want to be able to obtain good information while putting the patient at ease as well as the owner. Thank You for some GREAT tools!