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Ladan Mohammad-Zadeh, DVM, DACVECC, (RECOVER initiative contributor) walks viewers through the basics of CPR in this lecture, then heads to the hospital floor to demonstrate the hands on skills needed to perform CPR in your hospital.

This talk is specifically RACE-approved for one DVM or one Technician CE credit.

Looking for more CPR content? Click here to watch the CPR Training put on for DoveLewis technicians in 2020

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Ladan Mohammad-Zadeh


Enrolled: 08/2011

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Becky Ellis's picture

Really enjoyed this lecture, and the video demonstrations. Also, very useful knowledge regarding emergency drugs, and crash cart supplies. Thank You! :~}

Katharine Haughton's picture

Great lecture and video presentation. I especially liked the format of splicing in the practical segments with the relevant lecture portions. Thank you so much, I will be recommending this video (and your site) to everyone at my clinic!

Elizabeth  Lafontaine's picture

I enjoyed this lecture very much! I have been inactive for awhile so it was a great refresher for me! I also, enjoy the lecture stye as compared to some more boring speakers!

Tracie Vestal's picture

Again another great lecture! I particularly enjoyed the editing between the practical lab and the lecture! Ladan, great presentation! I experienced some technical difficulty at minute 44.2 and the video crashed (and I was unable to reload it from this point)