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Critical Transport

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Join the DoveLewis team as they travel across Portland to pick up and transport a critical patient back to the ICU.

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Megan Brashear


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Amber Solomon's picture

the drama, the dark rainy nights of Portland. I see a new show in the works, Law and Order: ICU.

Beth Armstrong's picture

That is so great that you have a van to transport pets! I am jealous!

Monica Maxwell's picture

As you may know, we are a non-profit animal hospital, so we are SO grateful to have this van. It was a donation from one of our generous donors. We definitely put it to good use!

Liz Hughston's picture

Great video! How many transports would you say you do, on average, in a month? And who is in charge of stocking and maintaining the van?

Amber Solomon's picture

Hey Liz, we do about 3-5 critical transports a month in addition to 10-12 medical transports. Our fabulous tech assistant team is in charge of stocking and driving the van. Our facilities team for the hospital keeps up on maintenance of the van.