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Even after 24 hours of IV fluids, Susan Dugat, DVM, and Lee Herold, DVM, DACVECC, still have to put quite a bit of “muscle” into deobstipating this cat.

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Lee Herold


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Susan Dugat


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I play this for my students during our nursing class, this is the ONE video I wish you offered smell-o-vision :)

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Is there a limit to the amount of miss infuse into a colon? Does it depend on the size of the animal?

Beth Ann Fretz's picture

Hi Randi,

I spoke with our DVM Manager, Dr. Michael, and here is her response to your question: There is not exactly a limit to the amount of fluid and water based lubricant that can be infused into the colon but it is important to be as rational as possible with the amount of fluid being infused compared with the amount coming back out per rectum. When the majority of enema fluid is immediately exiting the body it is not accumulating within the lumen of the bowel. It is not uncommon for distension of the bowel to trigger vomiting in our patients so it is important to protect the airway during anesthetic and recovery. It is possible for fluid to progress proximally in the intestines fairly far so it is better to avoid enema preparations that contain detergents (like DSS) because they can also stimulate nausea and vomiting by their effect directly on the proximal gastrointestinal mucosa.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

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what is the red liquid in the bag of fluids?

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Thanks for the question. That saline bag is just one of our home made warm water bottles- aka "warmies". We microwave these and place near patients undergoing anesthesia as warm water bottles in addition to using a circulating warm air blanket and other methods of warming. We put food coloring in bags just to ensure that no one mistakes the bags for IV fluid bags.