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Drawing Up Injectable Medications

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Learn from Technician Training Specialist Jessica Waters-Miller, CVT, how to safely draw medication from a vial.

It's important to remember that recapping of needles should be avoided whenever possible.

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Jessica Waters-Miller


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When should I replace the volume of liquid taken with equal amount of air? Ever? I’m used to doing that with glass. Do you replace the needle before patient administration to ensure the needle is not dull?

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Hi Anne,

Thanks for the question! The recommendation is to replace the volume of liquid you are drawing up with an equal amount of air each time so that you don't create a vacuum from forming inside the vial. Always follow your hospital's specific protocol or the medication protocol from the manufacture as there may be specific requirements but replacing it with air is the general rule of thumb. And yes, replacing the needle is a great idea as you mentioned, so that you are not using a dull needle. I hope that helps!