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Ehmer Sling: Canine

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You may not need this very often; in fact, you probably forgot how to get started! Ehmer slings seem simple but looping a figure eight in the correct direction can be a challenge. Lee Herold, DVM, DACVECC, will walk you through placing an Ehmer sling on a dog.

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Lee Herold


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Tracie Vestal's picture

Very useful! What are your thoughts on the technique of continuing the wrap around the abdomen? We had a 10# poodle which required an Ehmer sling this past week and, after continued slipping of the Ehmer sling, we added the abdominal wrap portion recommended in one of our new bandaging textbooks.

Becky Stine's picture

This video was very helpful in making a little more sense of this sling that I've seen used a few times before. Thanks!

DeAnna Cotton's picture

Thanks a million for the video. New graduate trying to do this blindly would have been bad. Hopefully the closed reduction + Ehmer sling will prevent this dog from having surgery.

Maria  Morris 's picture

Hi, What breed, age and weight is this dog? Am I right in thinking there was no sedation involved? Thanks, from a grateful Vet Tech student in New Zealand!!

Lee Herold's picture

Great observation this patient was indeed not sedated. She was a healthy dog model. She was a 4 year old catahoula leopard dog, weighing ~ 30kg. When placing this bandage in clinics your patient will likely be heavily sedated or even anesthetized. You would place it immediately after you have performed the reduction of the coxofemoral luxation.