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Enucleation of the Eye

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Ashley Magee, DVM, DACVS, assists intern Glynis McCorkle, DVM, as she performs an eye enucleation surgery on a cat. This video covers patient preparation through closing the incision.

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Ashley Magee


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Amy Lacey's picture

I had no idea you guys filmed Benito's surgery! I can't thank you enough for doing such a wonderful job; he is now 9 months old and couldn't be a happier, healthier kitty. His socket never sank in and when he is sleeping it just looks like his eyes are closed. The way he runs around and carries on you would never know he only had one eye.

Sarah Crisp's picture

That's awesome Amy! He's such a cute little guy. And thanks for giving us media consent on your forms, this video will help a lot of people learn about the procedure :)

Rosemarie Niznik's picture

Nice video! Great commentary on ways to achieve hemostasis once the globe is removed.

Felecia Cyr's picture

Nicely executed procedure. I agree with Rosemarie on the commentary. Thank you for sharing.