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Esophagostomy Tube Care and Feeding

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Rachel Renfro, CVT, VTS(ECC), walks you through proper esophagostomy tube maintenance, diet preparation, and how to feed through an esophagostomy tube.

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Rachel Kinney


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Hi Sean, I don't like to use a syringe pump for E-tube feedings because I want to be there to watch how the animal handles the feeding. If they start to get drooly or start hard swallowing, I can slow things down or discontinue before we get to the vomit stage. While setting a pump and walking away is always tempting I prefer to keep a closer eye on them. I also think (but haven't tried it) that our syringe pumps would constantly alarm 'occlusion' do to the amount of force required to get a canned diet down one of those tubes. But if you have done and it works, let me know about it!

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It makes my heart so happy to see the restrainer being successful without scuffing :) <3