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Feline Blood Donation

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Jill Greene, CVT, demonstrates how to obtain a blood donation from a donor cat. Knowledge of this procedure is important for feline blood banking and transfusion medicine.

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Jill Greene


Enrolled: 08/2011

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Kristen Vanderpol's picture

Do you worry about the anesthesia that was given to the donor affecting the blood and/or recipient?

Jill Greene's picture

Hi Kristen. That's a good question because we don't allow cats who are taking chronic medications to be blood donors. We use dexmedetomidine/butorphanol to sedate our blood donors. We don't worry about the dexmedetomidine because it has such a short half-life. If the butorphanol stays in the blood (which we really don't know if it does or not) it is such a low dose we don't worry about it affecting the recipient. (0.2mg/kg for dexmedetomidine and 0.1mg/kg for butorphanol)

Maeve  Cudmore-Neame's picture

so Jupiters time at the clinic was almost up, did he find a new home or was he put down?

Rachel Medo's picture

Hi Maeve,

All of the cats that were blood donors were rehomed after their two year contribution time. They usually went home with a staff member who fell in love with them during their time here at Dove!