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Feline Dental Prophylaxis

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Amber Bradshaw, CVT, of North Portland Veterinary Hospital explains and performs the steps of a full dental cleaning on a cat, including assessment, scaling, measuring periodontal pockets, and removing calculus.

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Amber Bradshaw


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Joe Sullivan's picture

The noise of the instrument makes me literally cringe. Still, a very informative video.

Mhat Briehl's picture

Thanks so much for making this video. You did an excellent job at explaining the process of conducting the dental prophylaxis as well as the reasons for each step along the way. I appreciated the extra tips/hints you offered too.. I personally found your tone, volume, pace and level of energy to be very conducive to learning this procedure.
Thanks again!
- Mhat Briehl

Michelle Tompkins 's picture

My boarded dentist recommends running the explorer along the gingival margin of every tooth on all palatal, lingual, and buccal surfaces to check for resorptive lesions.. wish that was discussed in this video.