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Filling Prescriptions

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Technician Assistant (TA) Manager, Amber Solomon, explains the information necessary for prescription labeling, and demonstrates how to fill a prescription. 

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Amber Solomon

Enrolled: 06/2012

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Which do you prefer - counting by 'two' or counting by 'five' if a large quantity?

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I prefer counting by brain seems to see five easier than four or any other combo I've tried. One thing that we do at our hospital is have a double sign system. So what happens is the person that made up the medication signs their initials on the label and this is left on the pharmacy counter along with the medication bottle that it came from. Then a second person (either a doctor or a technician) will double check quantity, drug type and dosage instructions are correct. This safeguards against human error (for example grabbing a 50mg tablet when the label calls for a 5mg) by having a second set of eyes to just verify that the medication being dispensed is correct.

Amber Solomon's picture

Hi Nina, great questions! As you can see in the video I don't have any physical contact with the medication because of the tools we use allows us to avoid contact. However there are specific types of medications that require special handling. What we do at Dove is label those specific medications with what type of precautions should be taken.

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Can you tell me where to purchase the small sticker you apply to the bottle. We would love to add this to our prescription bottles but have been unable to locate them.