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Ethylene Oxide Gas Sterilizer Operation

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Surgery Assistant at DoveLewis, Anna Streitz, demonstrates how to operate an Anprolene® Ethylene Oxide (EtO) Gas Sterilizer.

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Anna Streitz

Enrolled: 09/2015

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Monica Martinez's picture

Hello I have a few questions...
1.) Humidichips, is it ok to have the chips simply placed in the bag? I have heard that there is a special housing tube to place the chip in so that the contents of the bag don't get wet from the chip.
2.) How full can you make that bag?

Jackie Del Togno Armanasco's picture


The Humiditube is simply a container to hold the Humidichips to prevent the contents from getting wet. It is not necessary to use, but may be preferred if sterilizing things like ink or absorbable suture that would be affected by water contact. Otherwise, it is fine to place the Humidichips directly into the bag. Different facilities may have different policies.

How full the bag can be depends on what's going in the bag. Things like tubing and bandage material absorb more gas than hard plastic, so you may need to pack them less. However there is no set rule, so there may be some degree of trial and error in that regard. If a load is ran and fails, you can try a longer cycle (maybe 24 hours with 2 ampoules).

Hope that helps,

Jackie D.

Julia Cervantes's picture

Sooooo those boxes clearly say "do not stack"..definitely stacked. Tsk tsk

Beth Ann Fretz's picture

Hi Julia,
Good eye! The box is cut off in this video, but I just checked and the box actually says not to stack more than 5. There is just distilled water in them.

Ashley Edlefsen's picture

Amazing info! You explained it so well! I have never seen this type of machine yet so I know have a solid foundation :) thank you