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Gorilla Glue Gastric Foreign Body

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Coby Richter, DVM, DACVS, performs a gastrotomy to remove Gorilla Glue - a substance that expands to fill the space it’s given. The result is a perfect cast of the inside of the dog’s stomach.

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Coby Richter


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Lisa Adza's picture

I have watched this several times now, and it is just amazing.

sondra moffat's picture

Incredible what dogs will eat! This surgery is unbelievable. I was surprised, though, that there was no damage to the lining of the stomach from whatever chemicals are in Gorilla Glue.

Mac Robles's picture

we had the same surgery in el paso tx with dr flores at the northeast veternary clinic
why is gorilla glue so tasty the surgery went very good and it was a lab

Rosemarie Niznik's picture

Thanks for posting this video! I have only read about performing surgery to remove gorilla glue. The actual procedure is more complicated than a simple gastrotomy as described in current references. This video pointed the problems a surgeon may encounter and gave practical solutions to them. I feel confident performing this surgery after having seen this video!

Heidi Ramirez's picture

WOW..I have never seen anything like that, Poor baby. Amazing surg