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Greeting and Updating Clients (ER)

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DoveLewis CSRs (Client Service Representatives) discuss the importance of reading body language and techniques for keeping clients comfortable and updated on their pet’s status. While this information is geared towards client care in an emergency setting, these techniques can be used by anyone who works with clients.

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Jazz McGinnis

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Kaitlyn Sanborn

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This is a great video. I am training to be a CSR Supervisor and we are currently closed to the public due to COVID, so most of all of our interactions are done over the phone. Do you have any suggestions on greeting styles that we can adopt so that clients still feel the warm welcome as if they were coming into the facility?

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Great Question! Continuing to greet and welcome each client with a smile on you face, helps project a warm and welcoming tone. Listening carefully to the clients verbal cues and the background noise is also helpful in navigating their experience in a way that they still feel seen and recognized despite not being present in the lobby.