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Hanging Leg Surgery Patient Prep

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Ashley Magee, DVM, DACVS, describes how to prepare a patient for limb surgery using a hanging leg preparation technique.

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Ashley Magee


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Hello! Great video, thank you! I'm just curious why you are using Betadine instead of Chlorhexidine. Is it your practices preference or personal preference, or maybe for that patient specifically? I have always been told and seen the results that chlorhexidine is much more efficient. No judgment, I just was wondering! :)

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Hi Baylee
We do use povidone iodine as our standard prep. We have had minimal issues using this method and when we do get the occasional surgical site infection they then to be gram negative bacteria not gram positives so not likely originating from the skin. We reserve chlorhexidine for use in patients with dermatitis, open wounds or otherwise open skin. Hope this helps
Ashley Magee