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Heartworm Treatment and Melarsomine Injection

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We know how important it is to remind owners to keep their pets on year round heartworm prevention, but what happens when a pet actually has heartworms? Veterinary Cardiologist Caryn Reynolds, DVM, DACVIM, reviews the treatment process and how to give Melarsomine injections.

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Caryn Reynolds

DVM DACVIM(Cardiology)

Enrolled: 04/2017

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Lesly Velez's picture

HI! I am an interpreter trying to interpret this video for a student. I understand you are trying to get a lot of information out but it would be helpful for anyone, deaf or hearing, if you didn't talk so fast.

Holly Hayes's picture

Hi Lesly,

Thank you for your comment, we appreciate you reaching out! My name is Holly, and I am the Client Engagement Specialist for atdove.
We are actually working on this video right now and it should be captioned within the next week. In the meantime, you can slow down the video by clicking on the settings wheel in the bottom right corner next to the volume setting.

Please feel free to reach out to me directly via email,, with any further questions.