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Improve Accuracy of Doppler Blood Pressure Monitoring

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Getting an accurate blood pressure measurement using a Doppler can be tricky. Learn from DoveLewis Technician Kara Prater, CVT, about how to troubleshoot common issues for better accuracy.

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Kara Prater(Erdman)


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Ben Shiffman's picture

Thanks for this video! I was just wondering if using a small piece of tape to keep the cuff on, if it’s an old cuff that won’t close well, will give you a false reading.

Kara Prater(Erdman)'s picture

Hi Ben, ideally I would say no. Applying tape too tightly can constrict the inflation of the cuff and give you inaccurate readings. If you really cannot find another cuff, tape applied loosely may be used, but keep in mind that there is still a chance that your readings will not be accurate. Hope that helps!