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Insulin Care and Use

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When you look at amount to impact ratio, insulin packs a pretty powerful punch. In this video Lee Herold, DVM, DACVECC, reviews how to handle and inject insulin and is also a great tool for teaching clients to do the same.

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Lee Herold


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Laura hughes's picture

How often would you tell the client to rotate sites?
Many thanks

Chris Green's picture

Hi Laura! Great question!

The purpose of alternating the insulin injection sites is that in RARE instances patients will develop scar tissue/granulation tissue in the site of injection after YEARS of insulin administration that will reduce the effectiveness of absorption of the insulin. This is uncommon and usually only occurs after years of multiple injections. 

The focus with any new client using insulin should simply be to get it into the animal properly. After the clients are well versed in giving insulin injections and are moving into the long term treatment plan, we can introduce site rotation.

If your client does want to rotate sites, and the pet is amiable to it, try to make it simple to remember. Left shoulder in the morning, right shoulder in the evening. Another method would be between the shoulders one week, further down the back the next, and alternate. It is really whatever helps the client administer the insulin.

Angelica Franco's picture

Hi, if possible I would like to request videos on blood glucose curves and bile acids test.

Rachel Medo's picture

Hi Angelica,

Thank you for the content request. Your suggestion has been added to our list and we will make sure to notify you once the videos have been created.

We also have a great RACE approved lecture with Dr. Lee Herold discussing the basics of diabetes and glucose curves. You can see the video here:

Thank you!

Heather Love's picture

Loved this presenter! She was very clear, calm and collected and made it very easy to follow the instructions. Thanks!