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Isolation Protocol

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Isolation protocol can get confusing, so Megan Brashear, CVT, VTS (ECC), walks through the DoveLewis isolation protocol for dealing with patients with communicable diseases.

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Megan Brashear


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jaime azzarello's picture

Which virucide are you guys using for your footbaths and do you designate a person to isolation who then cannot handle other patients susceptible to that disease (ie: if you have a parvo case you cannot handle other puppies then)? Thanks, Jaime

Megan Brashear's picture

Hi Jaime, while we use a footbath in this video, research does not support the efficacy of footbaths in this situation due to organic debris present on our shoes anyway, and the fact that contact time is extremely important in killing viruses. Depending on the virucide you are using (we use Vindicator +) you must pay attention to dilution and contact time - almost all virucides require 10-15 minutes and we simply don't stand in the footbath for that long! But many hospitals continue to use them and they can remove other less hearty bacteria from our shoes. If your shoes come in direct contact with parvo poop it is important to remove all organic debris and then stand in a fresh footbath for the required time.
We do pay close attention to patient assignments when we have a contagious patient, the technician responsible for caring for the parvo puppy is not assigned immune-compromised patients or any other young dogs to try and prevent any cross-contamination.

Meg Ancrum's picture

May I use your video in a power point presentation I have made for our interns?

Chelsea Lincoln's picture

Hi Meg, We do not have a way to embed our videos into a powerpoint, but you can add a hyperlink to the video. Please get in touch if you need further assistance.