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Laundry Protocol

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DoveLewis technician assistant, Amy Lacey, discussed the various types of laundry in a veterinary hospital and the laundry protocol and communication strategies used at DoveLewis.

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Amy Lacey


Enrolled: 03/2013

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Thanks Joanne, the problem has been fixed! The correct quiz is attached to the video

Katlyn Ligon's picture

The ER I work at is much smaller than y'alls, but we run our washer/dryer 24/7: thanks to that we tend to "kill" them rather quick. we also don't have the space to put more than the single washer and dryer so its really not feasible for us to do what y'all do, but its a great idea! on a side note what type of washer/dryers are y'all using?

Beth Ann Fretz's picture

Hi Katlyn!

We use Dexter stackable washers and dryers here at DoveLewis.

-Beth Ann Flick

Cheri White's picture

Your rubber mats you use for traction - where did you buy them? Do they hold up with many washes?
Thank you

Rachel Medo's picture

Hi Cheri,

Thanks for your question!

The rubber traction mats that we use at DoveLewis are yoga mats. We order large rolls and then cut them into smaller pieces. Some of them have been used here for almost 9 years and hold up well! You can see the ones that we get here:

Hopefully that answers your questions.

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Hi, loved your video. Very informative for new employees. Is there any way to get a pdf or copy of laundry cards to print out? Thank you

Rachel Medo's picture

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your feedback! We're happy to hear this video is helpful for your new employees.

I've added a green button below the video that says Download Laundry Tags. Click this button and it should take you to a PDF where you can print them! We printed ours on different colored paper and laminated them.

Please let me know if you have any other questions!