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Lessons from Loss: A Reflection on the Cases that Change Us

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We all have those cases that stick with us long after our shifts end. Stress and trauma are inherent in the work we do, but we can begin to combat this by creating a nurturing environment to process both medically and emotionally challenging cases. Some of the hardest cases provide the most immense learning opportunities.

Burnout, compassion fatigue, imposter syndrome and second-victim syndrome impact our ability to connect with and care for patients in a sustainable way. In this lecture, two cases will be studied taking into account both the medical review and the psychosocial well-being of the staff involved. Attendees will learn about morbidity and mortality case reviews, grand rounds, and debriefings and how they can help all veterinary professionals process loss. This lecture is geared towards veterinary technicians, but applications can benefit all team members.

This talk is specifically RACE-approved for 1 Technician CE credit.

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Thank you for this lesson! There were definitely items mentioned I hadn't thought about. Thanks for the insight!