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Managing Hypothermia in Critical Patients

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Patients that stay with us in the DoveLewis ICU need thoughtful treatment plans that cover anything from temperature monitoring to blood transfusions. Learn from Technician Sarah Harris, CVT, VTS(ECC) about the three forms of warming commonly used in the ICU, and the patients to consider them for.

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Sarah Harris


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Mhat Briehl's picture

Great tips for keeping out patients warm!

I never thought of incorporating bubble wrap! Very clever! I don't know what a hot-dog warmer is (I'll have to Google it-lol) maybe it's an American thing?
Thanks for posting this video- you did a great job!

~Mhat Briehl

Sarah Harris's picture

Thanks for you comments Mhat! I would suspect your right with a name like Hot-Dog warmer that it's an American product! Basically, it's an air-free, water-free warming blanket that is a great option to consider for hypothermic patients.

Gina Ackermann's picture

When using bubble wrap, do you just place it on top of the patient?

Sarah Harris's picture

HI Gina. Bubble wrap can be placed several different ways depending on the species and procedure they are having. For most of our surgical patients we wrap their feet in bubble wrap and hold it in place with socks. I like to use it wrapped around the entire body of neonatal and exotic patients that are going under anesthesia for procedures on their eyes, tails or limbs. The most important thing is to make sure it's not so tight that they can't breath normally. I rarely use bubble wrap on awake patients and instead would choose something like a hot dog warmer or bair hugger. Thanks for the question!