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Non-Rebreather Circuit Set Up

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Senior Technician Supervisor and CVT, Sarah Harris, goes through an in depth review and demonstration of setting up a non-rebreather circuit.

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Sarah Harris


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Erin Fisk's picture

What about a manometer when using the non-rebreather? (I see there is one on the circle system)

Sarah Harris's picture

The non-rebreather circuits we typically use in veterinary medicine do not have a pressure manometer. However, there is something called a Bain block which is an adapter that can be used with non-rebreather circuits that adds a pressure manometer. Great question Erin!

Marianne Lesh's picture

That always worried me too - the lack of pressure monitoring. So I finally bought a Bain block and absolutely love it! Encourage your practice to get one, I think it was less than $200 per machine. - Dr. Lesh