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Open and Hand Off a Sterile Pack

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Surgery assistant, Sarah Crisp, explains step-by-step how to open and hand off a sterile pack.

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Sarah Crisp

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Boris Miller's picture

Good video, but the pack is passed over the sterile field--something that should be avoided if possible.

Chairity  Gilbert 's picture

If you pay attention you notice that's not a sterile field, that's the towel/blanket that the patient will be lying on for the procedure or to be prepped for the procedure.

Boris Miller's picture

Charity, if you pay attention to the video starting at 1:17 you will see what I mean. While I agree that the object displayed in the video is indeed not a sterile field, but a towel/blanket, the issue of passing non-sterile items such as hands or sleeves over a sterile field is something that occurs frequently, and it is worth paying attention to.

Robyn Watts's picture

We also open our packs from the arrow toward us first (as taught in many schools), as to keep the sterile area away from the non sterile opening arm. Also we never open any pack on a sterile field <fake or not ;) > until it's been opened and the indicator checked. If you happen to set it down on your table to open and the internal indicator has not passed your entire table is now contaminated. Just a thought.

Robyn Watts's picture

checking the pack for holes, tears, etc should also be in the check list.

Cristina Abril's picture

Great video thank you =) all this really helps us teach our assistants & techs greatly!

I do have one question, in the video you state, the expiration date? Is there a protocol for how long anything that is autoclaved is good for after sterilization?

We aren't aware of! =D

Joanie Abrams's picture

Hey Cristina! Great question! The protocol we follow for autoclave sterilization is that things wrapped in blue paper wraps are good for 6 months. Steamed peel pouches are good for 1 year. Things wrapped in cloth wraps are good for 2 years. Hopefully that helps!