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Phone Service

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Cheryl Latta and Brittany Carey, on location at Pearl Animal Hospital, discuss their etiquette for answering the phone at the front desk, putting clients on hold, and adding the personal touch to their communications. 

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Brittany Carey

Enrolled: 05/2013

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Cheryl Latta

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Monica Maxwell's picture

Great tips Cheryl and Brittany!! Is anyone else super impressed by their phone/computer system? How awesome to be able to look up a client by let before they even tell you their last name?

Melany Pena's picture

Looking up a patient's name by using the phone/computer system to look up the client's first/last name before they give it to you is not always accurate because the person talking can be a another client that is not the name labeled on the phone/computer system. For example, it can be a friend of the actual name labeled on the phone/computer system that is using his/her phone at the moment because the actual caller (not the labeled name) doesn't have his/her phone at that time. Think about it.

Kirstie Normington's picture

I found this video pretty neat but I do have 1 question. If someone walks in to make an appt but the phones is ringing, who do you take first? The person calling? or the person who walked in? Also how long do you feel it's appropriate for the person on the phone or in person who walked in to wait? We don't want to feel like the person coming in isn't important but we also don't want the person on the phone to feel as if they're not important either.

Cheryl Latta's picture

Great questions Kirstie.

While there is no absolute answer, at this general practice we would typically assist the person in front of us first and let the phone over-ring to the treatment area for an assistant or technician to answer. If this is not possible where you are, I suggest motioning to the client walking in that you will be with them in a minute while you pick up the call to ask if it's an emergency or if they can hold, then assist the person in front of you first.

As far as wait times, I try to keep it under a minute for either. A minute may seem short to us, but when you are the person waiting am minute can seem quite long. If this doesn't seem possible, both parties are usually fine to wait while you find another staff member to assist you as they can tell you are working to get their needs met in a timely manner.

General rule - always let both parties know they are important and keep them up to date of wait times.