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Preparing Heparin Flush

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Having syringes prepared with heparin saline solution is a great way to prepare your team for the day ahead. Learn from Technician Training Specialist Jessica Waters-Miller, CVT, about using heparin solution in your hospital.

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Jessica Waters-Miller


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Jackie  Haug 's picture

How many days do you keep the bag of fluids with heparin before discarding and making a new bag?

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Hi Jackie,

We write on the label, an expiration date of 7 days from when we made/first punctured the bag. However, we usually use it in about 2 days.
Thanks for your question!

Jessica Waters-Miller's picture

Hi Mountain View,
Thank you for the question. Keeping the same concentration of heparin in a 100mL bag you would add 0.2mL (200u) of 1000u/mL heparin to your 100mL bag.

The way I did this was to find the concentration of heparin to NaCl with our 250mL bag.
500u /250mL = 2u/mL
then 2u/mL x 100mL = 200u
I hope this helps!