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Presenting Estimates

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Christy Michael, BVMS, discusses the best way to train non-veterinarian staff to present an estimate to clients.

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Christy Michael


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Jessica Oaklander's picture

Thanks for the video. Going over estimates is not one of my favorite things, especially when trying to explain why some things are expensive. I feel I can use the knowledge about injections and what goes into giving injections to validate the prices.

Rosemarie Niznik's picture

Good short but comprehensive video! The material presented was well organized and brought up several important points. The DVM and non-veterinary staff must be a unified team and present the treatment plan and estimate in a unified manner. This will enable the pet owner to understand what will be done to diagnosis and treat their pet and the costs involved.

ASHLEY REED's picture

Great Video!! Really informative and helped me to see that teaching everyone in our office the costs and reasons why we charge what to do is important. Thanks again for the great video !!

Sharon Dahlke's picture

Great Video. At our clinic we prefer to call an estimate a "Treatment Plan". We feel the client accepts that terminology better. It seems to sound to them more about what we can do for their pet than how much taking care of their pet will cost.