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Rattlesnake Envenomation

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Puncture wounds, swelling, and pain are all symptoms that present after a rattlesnake bite. Learn from Ladan Mohammad-Zadeh, DVM, DACVECC about the different treatment options and the importance of pain management.

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Ladan Mohammad-Zadeh


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Stephanie  Cowan 's picture

I have been taught that treating these cases with plasma transfusions can actually worsen the envenomation. Do you agree/disagree with this?

Ladan Mohammad-Zadeh's picture

Hi there! Thanks for watching my video. We don't see rattlesnake bites in the Portland area very often, so I was excited for the opportunity to have a discussion about it! I have read some rather vague statements about how plasma products contain some proteins and substances that the snake venom acts on. However the research literature does not support this concept. And if this was true, in theory, I imagine the effect would be to render the plasma product less effective, but not having a direct impact on worsening the patient's signs. I do not recommend giving plasma products to all dogs that have been envenomated - even if their coagulation parameters are abnormal. I would consider giving plasma IF the pet was exhibiting active signs of hemorrhage and clinical DIC. I hope this was helpful!

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We have quite a few rattlesnake bites come in to the hospital here in Tucson, AZ :)