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Red Rubber vs. Foley Catheters: Pros and Cons

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When it comes to catheters, it can be helpful to know the pros and cons of each. Learn from Technician Manager Carolyn Tran, CVT, about a few of the differences between Red Rubber and Foley Catheters.

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Carolyn Tran


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Ashley Edlefsen's picture

Amazing video! I now prefer red rubber more thanks to these facts. Thank you :)

Brandon Myers's picture

Great video! I just wanted to add another short term use for red rubber catheters that I do on a semi-regular basis is fecal collection for intestinal parasite exams on those patients with exceedingly loose stool where a fecal loop is of no value. You can use a red rubber and insert like you would an enema, and gently draw up fecal material/liquid using a 6 or 12ml syringe.