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Replacing Soda Lime After CO2 Absorption

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Soda lime, also known as Baralyme granules, are used to absorb CO2 from anesthesia machines or oxygen chambers. Bobbie Lucas, Surgery Assistant, reviews how, when, and why it’s important to change these on a regular basis.

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Bobbie Lucas

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Stacia Bourbeau's picture

Love the bucket holder. Do yo have any idea where my clinic can get one. those buckets are back breaking,

Rachel Medo's picture

Hi Stacia,

Thanks for the feedback! I checked in with our Equipment Specialist, and while we aren't 100% sure where this one came from (we've had it for a very long time) she recommended a very similar product here:

It also looks like you can also find a few different varieties on Amazon by searching for "pail tipper". I hope those recommendations can help your team!

- Rachel