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Respiratory Arrest

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Ladan Mohammad-Zadeh, DVM, DACVECC, discusses an interesting case from the DoveLewis ICU. This dog suffered respiratory arrest shortly after presentation and was placed on short-term mechanical ventilation. Basic considerations for short term ventilation are reviewed.

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Ladan Mohammad-Zadeh


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Megan Barclay's picture

Hi, I love your videos and I am particulary interested in ventilator tutorials, setting up, monitoring, what to look out for etc. Could you possibly set up some more in depth ventilator information please?

Megan Brashear's picture

Hi Megan, we are getting an anesthesia ventilator how to up on the site, and have lectures on ETC02 which are ventilator related. Thanks for your request!

Joanne Fernandez-Lopez's picture

Also, how to appropriately wean off a patient from a ventilator. What things should we be aware of during the monitoring or rechecking bloodworm, etc. Thank you! Love the videos!