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Sharpening Dental Instruments

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Lisa Davis, CVT, VTS (Dentistry), explains the whys and hows of sharpening dental instruments.

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Lisa Davis's picture
Lisa Davis

CVT VTS(Dentistry)

Enrolled: 12/2012

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Taylor Parker's picture

Is there any way I could get the techniques used in this video in writing? The clinic I work for is looking into learning how to sharpen our dental instruments.

Kat Burns's picture

I never saw an answer to the previous question about getting the instructions in writing, but my clinic would love them as well if they are available! Thanks

Holly Hayes's picture

Hi Kat,

My name is Holly, and I am the Client Engagement Specialist for

Thank you for letting us know of your interest in instructions on sharpening dental instruments! That is not something we currently have available on our site, but I'd be happy to follow up with you once we have it on the site.

Please feel free to email me directly, at, with any further questions or inquiries.