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Social Media Discussions: Client Complaints

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CEO of DoveLewis, Ron Morgan, and Monica Maxwell, SPHR, discuss negative client communications on social media, using a case study from a client post on the DoveLewis Facebook page.

To read our official online response to the case referenced in this discussion click here.

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Ron Morgan

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Monica Maxwell


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Jennifer LeMaster's picture

First off, I just wanted to thank you for this site, it's a wonderful learning tool. I stumbled upon On the Floor @ Dove from Stephen Cital's instagram account one night browsing #veterinary. I printed your brochure and showed my office manager. Two days later, and it looks like our clinic is signed up!

Secondly, thank your for this video. I started and have been maintaining the social media sites (Facebook, and more recently Instagram and Pintrest)for the clinic at which I work. I'm constantly looking for ways to improve our client interaction and sense of community through these platforms. Fortunately we've only had one instance of negative comments so far. It's always a difficult road to navigate. Often your loyal followers come to your defense, which can help the positive out weigh the negative. On the downside, this can sometimes turn into back and forth bickering. I liked that in your response you stated, "This will be our final statement regarding this situation." In a polite way it withdraws the clinic from the issue and states that there's really no need for ongoing discussion. I find that very helpful, but hopefully won't have to use it anytime soon!

Again, thank you, and I look forward to thoroughly exploring all you have to offer!

Ashley Maginnis's picture

Thanks for your comment Jennifer! I agree that deciding when and how to respond can be difficult and include a lot of "grey area". If it's a comment on a post we make (not an actual review) that's mild AND people come to our defense, sometimes we decide not to weigh in. You never want to participate in a flame war. But if someone says something truly defamatory, responding is necessary.