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Staff Recruiting

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Monica Maxwell, SPHR, discusses tips for successful staff recruiting including where to advertise, interviewing tips, and reference checks on potential employees.

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Monica Maxwell


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This was an interesting video. I have a question do you know if age is discriminated against in this field? The reason being I'm in school now and I made the Dean's List but I'm in my 50's.


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Hi Marlene - I think discrimination (both age and other types of discrimination) exists in every industry all over the country and all over the world. Most Practice Managers, though, are savvy in the legal requirements that ensure that they post and hire the BEST and MOST QUALIFIED candidate regardless of age or any other protected class. And most of the hiring managers I talk to agree with me that it is a blessing to have a hard working, qualified candidate with some life experience under their belt. We can talk more specifics, feel free to contact me directly via email.

April Yates's picture

What are the legal questions that you can ask a reference? I have heard that you are only allowed to ask for work dates and if the person is rehire-able. When I call references I get a mix of information that they are willing to give me.

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Legally, you can essentially ask anything you want so long as it is not discriminatory (i.e.questions about family, medical history, religion, etc). Clinics and corporations do have a variety of rules about what information they will give out and that is usually dependent on their lawyer's risk aversion. I generally only give out dates, title, and eligibility for hire status without a signed waiver. With a waiver I will provide a whole host of information. I encourage you to ask if a wavier will release more information and try to call direct managers rather than HR as they tend to be more forthcoming.