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Subcutaneous Fluids

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Joanie Abrams, CVT, VTS (ECC), demonstrates how to set up for and administer subcutaneous fluids to a cat. This video is great for showing clients how to do this for their pets.

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Joanie Abrams


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Janine Fales's picture

Any worries about bacteria contamination to line/bag if you do not change the needle after administration? Also, how long do you use the open bag?

Joanie Abrams's picture

Janine - Great questions. At DoveLewis we have not had any subcutaneous fluid site infections when leaving the old needle in place until the next patient gets a new needle. However, I agree if infections are increasing then new needles are first on the list to be changed. If we administer fluids to an especially dirty or isolation patient we toss the rest of the bag. If we are going to administer fluids to an immunocompromised patient we will spike a new bag to protect them. Our hospital policy is to dispose of opened fluids after 24 hours, but we rarely have bags last that long due to the high volume of patients being treated. Thanks for your input!

David Rowland's picture

We put an extension set on all IV bag lines, and changes that in addition to the needle any time a bag is reused to avoid any potential backflow contamination.