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Temporary Tube Thoracostomy

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Ladan Mohammad-Zadeh, DVM DACVECC, walks us through placing an indwelling thoracostomy tube.

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Ladan Mohammad-Zadeh


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Great video. Do you typically use an intercostal or a local block when placing these?

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Hi! Thanks for watching the video. It was such a great case. An intercostal block is certainly an option to do, but likely is not needed because of the small gauge of the catheter. Alternatively a local block using a bleb of lidocaine in the muscle where the catheter is going to enter is also reasonable. This particular patient was anesthetized when I was doing the placement. A local block is usually only helpful when using this type of catheter in an awake animal - eg pericardiocentesis or thoracocentesis in a conscious patient. An intercostal block would be very helpful in providing additional analgesia for a thoracotomy, but not needed just for a trocarization. Hope that helps!