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Tiny Talk - Hyperkalemia

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In this tiny talk, Megan Brashear, CVT, VTS (ECC), discusses hyperkalemia in dogs and cats. Reasons for hyperkalemia, clinical signs of, and treatment strategies are discussed.

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Megan Brashear


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Hi quick question
In these cases would it be wiser to administer 0.9% sodium chloride for intravenous fluid therapy instead of hartmanns sodium compound lactate which has got potassium in it? what are your thoughts?
Note I am in Australia so may not have your brands on fluids in the USA :)

Tyson McBride

Megan Brashear's picture

Hi Tyson, fluid choice for hyperkalemia will depend on the cause. Yes, 0.9% sodium chloride has no potassium added, but in many of these patients it doesn't make a clinical difference (like those with a urinary obstruction). In addisonian crisis or chronic kidney disease 0.9% NaCl may be the better choice.