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Medical Math - Urine Output

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Calculating urine output in hospitalized patients is an important tool in guiding fluid therapy. In this video Megan Brashear, CVT, VTS (ECC), shows you how to calculate urine output ml/kg/hr in ml/kg/hr.

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Megan Brashear


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Megan Brashear's picture

Medical Math... I LOVE how this video turned out, what other medical math would you like to see in this type of format? Anything give you pause every time you have to calculate? (dextrose to partially full bags, percentages, ...)

Erin Sochocky's picture

When I moved from being a vet tech at a general day practice to emergency/ICU I had never done urine output math. Val taught me on my first night in the ER. I think any math video would be great to have on the website. Unless you work in an ER/ICU, vet techs usually do not encounter these math situations in general practice because the DVM usually does it all. I love this video. The "blackboard" thing is really cool! Great job Megan and Avi!!!!

Jill Greene's picture

Nice work - very clear! I'd like to see math on setting up a CRI of meds(fentanyl, insulin, etc).

Evan Mersch's picture

Really would like to see a video for CRI's. Setting up initially & also how to increase or decrease the mg/kg/hr as needed on a bag that is already made.