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Using an IV Fluid Warmer

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Keeping patients warm is critical, especially in an emergency setting. While there are multiple ways to provide comfort in the clinic, knowing the specifics of each piece of equipment can ensure your animal patients are receiving the best care. Review the basics of using an IV fluid pump warmer with Technician Training Specialist Jessica Waters-Miller, CVT.

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Is 105F/41C the default temperature? Can it be changed?

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Hi Jenny,

Thank you for your question! I should have specified in the video that this is for the iWarm Midmark fluid warmer. Other fluid warmers may have an adjustable temperature but this one does not. The manual instructs you to place the warmer no more than 10" from the patient but that could be changed according to the fluid rate. As a faster fluid rate would deliver warmer fluids so you may be able to position it further away or closer to the patient. There is a nice table to reference in the manual. Here is the instruction manual for the iWarm Midmark fluid warmer:
If you have a different one, I would refer to your specific fluid warmers' instructions for clarification. I hope this helps!