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Veterinary Financial Coordinator Interview

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Financial Coordinator at DoveLewis, Amy O’Daly, discusses her job description, how it fits in to the flow of the hospital, and her tips for talking about money with clients. This video is helpful for anyone responsible for discussing financial matters with veterinary clients.

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Amy O'Daly

Enrolled: 08/2011

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Evan Kanouse III's picture

Amy, thanks so much for taking the time to share the details of your position. If you have a moment, I'd love to ask a few questions...
-How often do you check treatment logs and compare them to what's actually entered in the invoice?
-How often do you update clients on their current invoices, ask for additional deposits, etc.?
-How do you communicate financial restraints with the medical team despite the size of the facility?

Thanks again for your time, and for taking the time to share this with us! :)

Amy O'Daly's picture

Hi Evan!

Thank you for your questions - I am more than happy to answer them for you.
I work 5 days a week so I check treatment sheets with charges entered on the invoice every morning and then sometimes again later that afternoon if the animal has received a procedure/surgery/is going home/the technicians need help entering charges.
I update clients depending on where their charges are in comparison to the deposit that they have already paid. I like to update clients when their charges are going to meet their deposit and definitely always when their charges are going to exceed their deposit. This can be daily if clients are wanting to take their animals care day by day or bi-daily if a patient is hospitalized over multiple days. I will take a further deposit if patients are going to be receiving further diagnostics/procedures or are an intensive/critical patient that has a large 24hr estimate of care. If a patient is going to be discharged later that night or fairly early the next day I will just update a client without taking a further deposit letting them know the estimated balance owing at pick up.
I immediately let the DVM that is working with the particular client know of any financial restraints as soon as I am aware of them. Clients don't always express these restraints to the DVM but they always do with me (I mean.....I'm the one asking for money)! It is a very important part of the treatment plan and we want to be mindful and respectful of our clients financial wishes/limits.
I hope this helps answer your questions! Please let me know if you have any more questions. I am more than happy to respond.

Evan Kanouse III's picture

Hi Amy! Thanks so much...your reply was a big help. One last question: I noticed in the video that you track errors. What's the purpose of doing so? Is there a reason that you have that system in place? Do you tally the errors up at the end of the month and submit them to HR? Thanks again for following up...truly appreciate it!

Amy O'Daly's picture

Hi Evan,
I'm glad my reply was a big help! Yes, I track errors. The purpose of this is to see if there are any problems with techs missing or entering charges incorrectly. By tracking the errors I can see if there is a pattern and then speak with the technician accordingly....whether it be they keep entering the same thing incorrectly or missing the same charge over and over. I also track errors to see if there are problems with charges being entered for a certain thing so that maybe the way it is charged needs to be changed or tweaked to make it easier.
I do tally the errors daily and at the end of the month send that information to the technician manager.
I hope this helps. Please feel free to ask me anymore questions! I am more than happy to reply.