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Working in a Fishbowl Environment

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Client Service Representative at DoveLewis, Kaitlyn Sanborn, talks with Monica Maxwell, SPHR, about the challenges of always being “on” while working at the front desk in full view of clients. Communication ideas between the front and back staff are discussed, as well as the importance of taking appropriate breaks.

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Monica Maxwell


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Kaitlyn Sanborn

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I think it is super important that you remember to take time to breathe and regroup, may it be excusing yourself to the restroom, doing charts, going to check on a patient, or just stepping outside for a moment. Find time to gather your thoughts and have the refresher.

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This is a great point! I’m the type of person who gets really focused on whatever it is that I’m doing in the moment and then I forget to come up for air. I’ve found that setting reminders for myself to take a minute helps a lot and keeps me from getting totally overwhelmed.
Taking those little breaks can also help you be more tuned in to your coworkers, and they might need that reminder in the moment as well. If everyone is able to take a beat and regroup when they need it, then that’ll help your team run as efficiently as possible without getting totally fried.