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Emergency Triage

r.a.c.e 1 Credit Hour
57:02 min. | 19787 views | 12 comments

Emergencies are stressful enough without having to wonder when to do what. In this hour Megan Brashear CVT will guide you through how to recognize and organize emergency cases, getting started with treatment and walks through some real emergency cases seen at DoveLewis. This talk is specifically RACE-approved for technician CE credit.

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Contributor Megan Brashear Thumbnail
Megan Brashear
Specialties: Tech advocacy, teaching and management.

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This was a great lecture! Really enjoyed the section on how to prioritize triages and also the nuts and bolts breakdown of how to quickly assess patients. I know this will help me better understand the flow of the ER from the Technician perspective.
Contributor Christine Crick-Slowiak Thumbnail
Christine Crick-Slowiak
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A very nice introduction to emergency medicine.. Direct, applicable! I wish all receptionists would have access to a lecture like this to have them help in the prioritization of cases. Great job!
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Megan, this lecture was BEYOND informative. As a client service representative, I feel it is essential to know the basics of triaging, die to the fact that not only do we see the patient first, but we are also monitoring them while they wait in the lobby for a technician or doctor to retrieve them. I think that this information is also helpful like Lisa said, to understanding the technicians decisions and being able to work with and keep clients informed. Thank you so much for your wonderful presentation skills! ~ Erin H.
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I accidentally said die instead of due.. oops. :)
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Loved this lecture! I can't wait to show all the new employees!
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Great job, Megan! A ton of great, simple information. I like it so much, I want to make it a requirement for any new CSRs we hire in the future!
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This lecture is so well-organized and clear! Just from watching this I was able to write up a triage outline to share with my coworkers! Great job, Megan!
Contributor Jessie Merritt Thumbnail
Jessie Merritt
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Megan, This was incredibly well done. Concise, practical, relevant and most of the information is equally valuable outside the Triage setting. Thank you!
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Excellent video!Well organized and very informative, a "must watch" for all new employees to an veterinary ER.
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Thanks for a GREAT lecture, - really useful! You have a gift for teaching, Megan! :) (As I'm sure you know, since you spend so much time doing it!)
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I am an ER CSR and I found this lecture to be incredibly helpful. Thank you!
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Thank you so much Dove Lewis & especially Megan. This was beyond informative and I can't thank you enough for the information and training your facility provides through all these videos. What a great training resource.